Icehouse Restaurant Minneapolis

April 6, 2014 TreVeld

$no cover - 11:00 AM visit artist website

The name treVeld is born of the music, representing the merging of three fields, filled with the lush and sacred openness of creative potential.

The musically diverse members of treVeld met around the turn of the century, playing amongst an ‘Old Time’ music community. They share the desire to create and perform original music, while enjoying an ever evolving musical and personal kinship.

treVeld’s musical works offer a unique and spirited blend of musical genres, including Gypsy, Swing, Old Time, Celtic, Bluegrass, Blues, Chamber and Nordic Roots.

The music is manifest through the trio’s depth and musical fluency, creating beautiful soulful soundscapes, resulting in a buoyant body of original works, eclectic in their musical sources and traditions, flowing gracefully into a cohesive sound that has become known as ‘treVeldian’.